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About Omsk

Population: 1166 ths
Founded: 1716
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(houses): 873

Omsk is the capital city of the Omsk region. It’s located where the Om River flows into Irtysh River.

The Omsk fortress was based in 1716 which was granted by city status in 1782. The city became the center of the West Siberian general governorship in the 19th century. The first city plan was shaped in the 1770's, the last one – in 2007.

The population of Omsk numbers 1 157 thousand inhabitants, more than half of the population of the region lives in Omsk.

Omsk is the city with well developed mechanical engineering, petrochemical, aerospace and electric power industry. A large number of big enterprises functions here.

Nearly 50% of the territory of the city is built up with private houses. Multistorey buildings were generally constructed in Soviet period.

Omsk fortress is the main sight of the city.

Construction of the first fortress began in 1716; the second one was built in 1767. From all structures of the fortress only Tobolsk gate, the guardhouse, the commandant's house and Protestant church have been spared. Now works on fortress reconstruction are being held.

The church of an icon of the Mother of God "All Grieving Pleasure" being an architecture monument is located in the territory of Omsk military hospital. The first chapel was built here in 1825. This chapel is well-known because the Great Russian writer F. Dostoevsky has prayed in it. This wooden chapel had been fallen into disrepair to the middle of the 19th century therefore it was dismantled in 1857. The belltower was raised in the territory of hospital in 1885. And construction of church was finished in 1906. This is root square building in pseudo-Russian style, with two side-altars. The temple was closed in 1921. All domes have been dismantled; the building has been used as a warehouse. Restoration of the temple began in 1989. Soon it was returned to believers.

There are also many other monuments of architecture on Gusarov Street where the church of an icon of the Mother of God "All grieving pleasure" is located. This is, for example, building of hygiene and epidemiology Center of the Omsk region. The brick-built two-storeyed building is the merchant estate constructed in the end of the 19th century. It was restored recently.

One more architectural monument of Omsk is located on Gusarov Street, 16. This is one-storeyed wooden building, the mansion belonging the beginning of the 20th century.

One more sight of the city is the multipurpose sports center “Arena Omsk”, which construction was completed in 2007. There is an ice arena, a sports hall for indoor games, a gym and restaurant in its territory. The sports center holds more than 10 thousand persons.

The official City Day of Omsk is celebrates on the first Sunday of August.

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